Want activities that help children's intellectual development?Believe it or not, activities that help children’s intellectual development aren’t always intellectual. What are we talking about? It’s really quite simple: intellectual activities are important for your child to learn new things, but movement-based activities actually improve your child’s ability to learn.

That’s why we believe that TumbleTastics is a perfect compliment to intellectually stimulating activities—such as tutoring—to aid your child’s development.

How TumbleTastics helps intellectual development

Countless studies have shown that your child will find it harder to learn if they are still a lot of the time. That’s because your child’s brain—as it’s growing and developing—needs physical exercise to understand new information and do new things. Not only that, movement-based activities actually expand your child’s capacity to learn.

So, for your child, movement isn’t just about fitness, coordination, and learning about their body. It’s also about intellectual development. Which is why, in TumbleTastics classes, we don’t just get your child moving, we engage them in a range of fun and stimulating activities that quickly broaden their horizons.

What TumbleTastics activities help children’s intellectual development?

Our physical activities have been specially created to engage all of your child’s senses, and stimulate their learning capabilities.

Want activities that help children's intellectual development?TumbleTastics lessons regularly include activities such as:

  • non-competitive gymnastics
  • dancing
  • climbing
  • sports
  • interactive games
  • relays
  • music.

While your child engages in these physical activities, new connections are made in their brain. They learn new things while simultaneously increasing their ability to learn.

Why combine TumbleTastics with tutoring?

Do you feel that your child needs some assistance with their intellectual development? Or do you just want to see them get the best start in life? Then combining TumbleTastics classes with tutoring is a great idea.

Tutoring can target and improve specific areas of learning, skills and abilities, and TumbleTastics can increase their capacity for learning. These two activities go hand-in-hand, which is why we’d recommend doing both classes each week maximise the benefits.

In fact, the best time for a TumbleTastics class is 24–48 hours prior to a tutoring session.

How TumbleTastics helps create a healthy mind and body to learn

The range of exciting activities at TumbleTastics will help your child develop a healthy mind and body. Our classes teach your child new skills in a social environment, and speed up the learning process itself.

We have various classes to suit your child’s age and abilities—ranging from newborn to school age.

So contact us to book in your child with TumbleTastics, and discover how it can help their intellectual development.