You are never too young to have fun! TumbleTastics offers babies, toddlers and kids the opportunity to partake in a range of interactive classes and activities that make learning more enjoyable than you could ever imagine. When we think of play centres offering gymnastics, music and songs, we usually associate them with older children—but not anymore.

Babies thrive on age-appropriate activities

TumbleTastics offer baby gym classes with a difference. Tailored to babies from birth, age-appropriate learning gives them the opportunity to experience a huge variety of activities designed to stimulate their senses and introduce them to new ways of having fun.

Through traditional and unique songs, rhymes and baby sign, babies learn to interact with others. They can freely explore themselves and their surrounds in a perfectly safe environment, at their own pace.

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What Is A Sensory Baby Class?

TumbleTastics unique early learning program, Baby Sensory, is designed especially for babies from birth to one year. These classes offer babies an amazing, exciting array of activities that will stimulate their senses. They can also learn life-long skills by being exposed to a range of interactive scenarios. In fact, with hundreds of activities on offer, your little ones will never get bored.

Class activities

Each sensory baby class is designed around a series of activities, from songs and rhymes, to fine and gross motor skill development. Educators will offer innovative, creative games from puppet plays to baby sign language, tapping into visual cues, tactile exploration and listening skills. The range of activities on offer is guaranteed to delight and surprise both you and your baby.

Safe exploring

In addition to organised activities, Baby Sensory offers a dedicated ‘safe play’ area just for bubs. They can be free to enjoy, explore and learn by taking a few risks. And you can rest safe in the knowledge that soft mats and carefully selected equipment pose no risk of injury.

Interact with your baby in a new environment

Why is Sensory Play for Babies Important? Mum and baby classes TumbletasticsEach Baby Sensory class offered by TumbleTastics runs for one hour and requires parent or carer involvement. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to interact with your baby in a fun environment, and watch them thrive as they explore what’s on offer and hit new milestones.

If your parents’ group is seeking a change of scene, or you are looking to meet others with young babies and form new friendships, you’ll find a Sensory Baby class ticks all the boxes.

Fun for parents and bubs

Because each Baby Sensory class is conducted in a fun and friendly environment, you’ll get a chance to socialize too.

Bonding with your baby in a TumbleTastics class is a fantastic experience. All you need to do is sit back and relax—or join in if you feel like it. Organise a mother’s group play date, or simply go alone with your baby and meet other local mums and dads and bubs who are also on a little outing together.

Contact TumbleTastics today and ask about the range of baby classes on offer.