Why Sign Up Your Child for Baby Gym Classes?

Baby gymnastics can sound a bit off-putting. You might be picturing your baby being twisted and bent into strange positions so that they can learn to do somersaults, pole vault and flips. That doesn’t sound like much fun, nor would it be beneficial for your baby!

However, the reality is that baby gymnastics isn’t like that at all! Brisbane’s Tumbletastics understands a baby’s development and knows exactly how to nurture and gently develop your baby’s sensory and movement skills to assist them in building future coordination and motor skills as well as encouraging confidence, physical activity and general wellbeing.

So what exactly is baby gymnastics?

Tumbletastic’s baby gym classes age appropriate

Baby gymnastics involves activities that match a babies’ physical and cognitive development. Even babies who aren’t mobile yet can participate in sessions which focus on sensory and social activities. Older babies can work on weight bearing activities such as crawling and walking.

Baby gymnastics is a bonding experience

You will be involved in all the activities during a baby gymnastics lesson. Baby gymnastics is a fantastic way to have that special time to bond with your baby in a fun, safe and supportive way.

Baby gymnastics will give you some great tips to take home on how to encourage developmental milestones. You might find yourself having fun during the activities and meeting new people too!

Baby gymnastics is fun

Baby gymnastics ensures that everyone is having fun. Through a range of sensory activities, music and movement, your baby is being stimulated socially and physically through different types of interaction every session.

Baby gymnastics is a starting base for other sports

Enrolling your baby in gymnastics gives them a great starting base for physical movement. By gently building on their skills, it supports them in the future, should they choose to continue with gymnastics or any other sport which keeps them fit, healthy and active. It may be the first, structured movement activity your child participates in.

While your baby won’t be somersaulting any time soon in baby gymnastics, they will be having fun and progressing in their physical

movement, social skills and coordination. They will be engaged and enjoying themselves, and so will you!

Our Classes

Tumbletastics have a fantastic range of baby gym classes in Brisbane in Morningside and Everton Hills. From birth onwards we cater for non-mobile, crawling and walking babies. Come and join us today!