Where are the best children’s gymnastics classes Brisbane?TumbleTastics offers a modern take on traditional gymnastics classes for kids. While there is an element of gymnastics in most of our classes, TumbleTastics combines this with many other learning activities and games. So, if you’re looking for the best children’s gymnastics classes Brisbane, experience the difference of TumbleTastics in two convenient locations: Morningside and Everton Park!

What age groups can attend TumbleTastics gymnastics classes?

At TumbleTastics we offer classes for children from birth up to 7 years of age. Our classes are divided up into age groups, but these aren’t strict. We’re also happy to group children based on their ability (if there is room in another class).

Our TumbleTastics classes include:

What happens at TumbleTastics gymnastics classes?

At TumbleTastics, your child will experience gymnastics, plus a whole lot more fun and games. In fact, we don’t usually use the term ‘gymnastics’ to describe our classes, as this is a bit limiting. We define ourselves as a ‘creatively themed, movement based, early learning, kindergym and educational activity centre’. There’s so much more than just gymnastics at TumbleTastics, but the important movement-based learning is still a focus.

As well as non-competitive gymnastics we also integrate a range of other activities into the classes, including:

  • sports
  • music
  • dancing
  • relay races
  • fun games.

Why choose TumbleTastics gymnastics classes?

Our TumbleTastics classes focus on the development of your child. This includes all aspects, such as physical development (gross and fine motor skills), sensitive development, cognitive development, exploratory development, as well as social and emotional development.

Our classes are the whole package, and stimulate all of your child’s learning capabilities. We also know the importance of building confidence and self-esteem along the way.

Who leads TumbleTastics classes?

Where are the best children’s gymnastics classes Brisbane?All our classes are led by trained and experienced instructors. All our TumbleTastics staff are accredited and passionate about helping your child to learn.

During classes our instructors will keep a very close eye on your child to make sure they are safe and having a good time. When needed, they can help your child participate in various activities so that they get the most out of the classes. By assisting them and building confidence in a supervised environment, this will help build their self-esteem.

Our instructors are also happy to talk to (and educate) parents about the different activities in our classes and the various benefits to your child.

Where are TumbleTastics gymnastics classes?

We are very proud of our purpose-built TumbleTastics facilities. Classes are available at Morningside and Everton Hills in Brisbane.