How to encourage your child to exercise with TumbleTasticsIn this modern world with all its hi-tech gadgets and pressure on children to ‘succeed’, they can easily become distracted or overwhelmed and not want to participate in physical activity. From an early age it’s important, as parents, to promote a healthy lifestyle. Part of this is to model it with your own behaviour. But you can also provide opportunities for positive experiences. Find out how to encourage your child to exercise with TumbleTastics, below.

What is TumbleTastics?

TumbleTastics is the perfect way to introduce young children—from birth to 7 years of age—to a healthy and active lifestyle. You can think of our classes as ‘kindergym’ with a twist.

We focus on movement, creativity and learning. Our classes engage children in fun and non-competitive activities such as:

  • climbing
  • exploring
  • gymnastics
  • games
  • sports
  • dancing
  • music.

How does TumbleTastics encourage exercise and a healthy lifestyle?

By participating in TumbleTastics classes, your child will not just ‘learn’ the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, they’ll experience it for themselves.

TumbleTastics builds positive associations with exercise by introducing it to children in a relaxing environment via a series of fun activities.

When a child associates movement, exercise, and sports with fun and excitement, this builds a mental foundation of positive experiences. And this also means they will look forward to similar activities in the future. They will also see exercise as a very normal part of life.

How does TumbleTastics build confidence and self-esteem?

If a child has a several negative or overwhelming experiences with movement, exercise or sports at a young age, they may be discouraged from participating in them in the future.

This can happen if they feel pressured to participate, bullied by other children during the activity, or if they feel they are ‘not good enough’ at the particular sport or game.

Consequently, a child may start to avoid physical activity, seeing it as something to fear.

At TumbleTastics, our accredited instructors can gently teach and encourage your child to have fun in various movement-based activities, at their own pace.

Positive experiences with movement

Because TumbleTastics is non-competitive, it allows your child the time and space to build their confidence and self-esteem with many activities. And this will go a long way towards them participating in sports when they reach primary school.

In other words, TumbleTastics is a gentle and subtle way to encourage your child to exercise. And it gives you, the parents, some control over their first experiences with exercise­. With TumbleTastics, you have the ability to make sure that these are positive.

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