Choosing the right gymnastics class to suit your toddler can be a balancing act! We’ve got all the information you need about Brisbane gymnastics classes for kids right here. Read on!

What do Gymnastic Programs for Toddlers involve?

Gymnastic Programs for Toddlers Near Me - Morningside, Everton HillsThere are a range of kids gymnastics programs in Brisbane and it can be hard to choose the right one for your child. Some are geared towards competition; others are all about your child having fun and progressing at their own pace. Recreational gymnastics is generally open to children of any skill, whereas team gymnastics may be more intensive and run by a coach.  Different styles of teaching are better suited to different kids and their unique abilities and ambitions.

Ultimately, your goal should be to ensure that your child is enjoying the experience.  So, what are the things you need to look out for when seeking a gymnastics program for toddlers?

Is it safe?

The venue should be safe for all children regardless of their skill level. It should contain up to date equipment and high-quality matting. Instructors should be trained in all aspects of safe use of equipment within their kindergym classes with a focus on age-appropriate activities, capabilities, strengths and movement pattern of babies and smaller children.

Is it challenging?

While safety is first and foremost a vital part of any gymnastics program for children, so too are some challenges. A program that allows children to be challenged gradually means they won’t get bored quickly and will continue to improve their skills as time goes on.

Does it lead to competing?

This is something to consider if your child is exceptionally talented at gymnastics or shows the potential to be in the future. Having a program that has a gradual development towards the aspect of competing means children can focus on having a great time until they reach a competitive skills level.

Is it fun?

A gymnastics program for your child should be a fun experience! If your child is enjoying it, they are more likely to be willing to attend regularly and try new things during the lessons. This can only lead to them getting better at gymnastics, as well as developing their physical movement skills overall. A good gymnastics program will provide plenty of variety and keep children engaged during the entire lesson.

Tumbletastics Brisbane has the perfect gymnastics program to suit your child. With age-appropriate classes for kids from zero to school aged, we’ll be pleased to talk to you about what’s right for your child.

Why Physical Movement is important for your toddler

The world you see today is so different from the one you grew up in. Remember when you rode your bike, played cricket with your friends or explored a nearby creek and got home just in time for dinner? Children aren’t doing that as much anymore. For some, it’s not safe to play independently outside; for others, the lure of screen time keeps them inside on the couch. Even the fact that kids spend much of their day at school means some kids only have an hour or two per day to freely play and get exercise.

Physical movement is essential in developing the whole child – academically, physically and emotionally. Engaging toddlers in physical movement like gymnastics is more important than you think. Here’s why.

Physical development

Good physical development in toddlers allows them to grow into healthy older humans. Physical movement improves balance, strength, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and builds strong and healthy bones. With childhood obesity and diabetes on the rise, physical movement is essential for keeping disease at bay.

Emotional development

You know how relaxing it is to get outdoors and go for a walk or do the gardening. Physical movement for toddlers is just as relaxing. Not only that, it also promotes confidence and higher self esteem. Physical movement that involves working in a team or meeting as a group gives kids the opportunity to develop a sense of community, belonging, team spirit and make them feel happier overall.

Academic Development

Physical movement has a direct link to academic development. Children who engage in physical movement early on are building their gross and fine motor skills. These skills translate to helping them hold a pencil, use scissors and write. Regular physical movement is also beneficial for concentration and developing both the left and right sides of the brain.  This means that physical activity as a child has positive repercussions throughout their whole life.

Of course to get these benefits, the activities toddlers and children engage in need to be beyond physical – these activities should encourage the Physical, Emotional and Academic development of our toddlers – and at TumbleTastics, that’s exactly what we do.

What do TumbleTastics classes include?

TumbleTastics offers much more than just gymnastic programs for toddlers. We provide an exciting new option that combines the best of gymnastics and dance classes with many original elements to create exciting classes that kids will love.

Our classes are educational and focus on developing the skills and interests of your child.

TumbleTastics’ programs include all sorts of activities. The main focus of the programs is kids gymnastics, but they also incorporate other activities, including:

  • games
  • dancing
  • sports
  • obstacle courses
  • rope climbing.

Sports of all sorts

A major benefit TumbleTastics has over regular gymnastics and dance classes is that kids also learn skills from sporting activities.tumbletastics-sports5

But we don’t just focus on one or two sports. We include a range of different sports in our programs so that your child is exposed to, and can learn from, a bigger pool of skills.

When can your child start TumbleTastics classes?

TumbleTastics lessons are available from birth until the age of seven, so there is plenty of time for your child to experience all that we have to offer.

Our programs include sensory, exploratory, physical and social development.

Of course, the exact activities your child participates in will depend on their age. We are careful to make sure that kids only progress to certain activities once they are ready.

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