Gymnastics activities for primary school students

Gymnastics Activities for Primary School Students BrisbaneGymnastics activities, such as trampolining, vault jumps and learning handstands, offer many benefits for children. Some of which are less obvious. Firstly, these activities keep children fit and healthy. They also teach them the importance of exercise, and helps avoid them becoming unhealthy or lethargic when they’re older. TumbleTastics is a fantastic example of a modern gymnastics class for primary school students.

Why TumbleTastics is not your average gymnastics class

TumbleTastics does not offer a standard gymnastics class—we’re much more fun than that! Instead we offer a range of activities that kids can enjoy as they learn. These are seamlessly incorporated into the classes to offer children numerous opportunities to learn new skills. Our classes help their physical, mental, and social development.

Through a wide range of games, sports, dance and, of course, kids gymnastics, TumbleTastics provides your child with great enjoyment, but also an opportunity to further their development. The unique programs involve much more interaction than regular gymnastics lessons. This allows children to become active in many ways, both physically and socially. The activities also encourage the development of exploratory and social skills. This gives children a head start in the physical, social and emotional areas of their life.

Why bring your kids to TumbleTastics

With the opportunity to socialise and have fun with others their age, children learn about team work and how to make friends more easily. Developing social skills at a young age encourages confidence and will make the next steps in their lives, such as starting school, easier. Our trained staff work with kids to set and meet their goals in a fun and relaxed environment that’s never short on motivation or excitement. It’s always a fun learning experience at TumbleTastics classes.