How TumbleTastics classes help improve performance in sportsOur TumbleTastics classes offer a range of benefits for children, including improved performance and safety in other sports. That’s because we incorporate various sporting activities in our classes from a young age, in a safe (and padded) environment. So even when your child starts playing a sport, we recommend continuing with our lessons. Why? Read below to find out how TumbleTastics classes help your child with other sports.

Increased strength, coordination and muscle memory

Some of the great benefits of TumbleTastics lessons are increased strength and improved coordination. This includes hand-eye coordination, as well as coordination with gross and fine motor skills. Obviously body strength and coordination are two very important developmental areas when your child begins playing sport.

Also, the more TumbleTastics classes your child attends, the better ‘muscle memory’ they will have. In other words, certain actions are committed to memory and automatically called upon when needed. This is very helpful when participating in any sport.

Safer conduct and decreased risk of injury in other sports

How TumbleTastics classes help improve performance in sportsAnother benefit of TumbleTastics classes is that your child will be safer when playing other sports. This is because they will have had lots of experience with sports at TumbleTastics, and learned what is safe and unsafe behaviour. So when they start a new sport—such as soccer, basketball, netball, cricket, or tennis—they’ll be much less likely to injure themselves.

This is good news for you and your child. No parent likes to see their child get injured during sports. And it can also be costly if they need ongoing medical attention. But it can also mean that your child is sad and in pain for a while. They may even need to stay home from school for a while.

TumbleTastics helps avoid injuries in sports by teaching safe conduct.

Continue TumbleTastics to help with other sports

How TumbleTastics classes help improve performance in sportsSo your child has started a new sport? That’s great. But rather than cancelling their other classes, we’d recommend continuing with TumbleTastics. By participating in the new sport alongside TumbleTastics once a week, your child can continue to enjoy the benefits of improved strength and coordination.

It’s often a good idea to schedule both activities at the beginning of the week when your child is still feeling fresh after the weekend. Or, if one activity is later in the week, spacing them out with at least one day of rest in between.

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