Core strength in babies and young kids

There are some great kids activities that build your baby’s core strength, which is a vital part of their normal development. With babies growth so rapid in their early years of life, giving your precious little people a good foundation can set them up for both physical and mental success in their future –we all want that for our kids, right?

Why is core strength important for babies and kids?

Kids activities to build core strength with TumbleTasticsIt’s surprising how vital core strength is to babies’ bodies and how kids activities can build this strength. Firstly, strong core muscles are vital for good postural control. What is postural control you ask? Well postural control uses core muscles to stabilise the trunk of babies (all of our) bodies, so every movement becomes very well coordinated. That coordination relates to:
• arms
• legs
• head
• jaw
• eyes.

What core strength does for babies and kids

As babies grow, their strong postural control muscles effect almost all little kids activities. Having good core strength creates really well developed:
• hand-eye coordination
• fine motor skills – like pincer grasp, handwriting and handling of small objects
• speech and swallowing
• higher level motor skills – like jumping, skipping, walking straight
• stabilisation of their eyes for reading.

Kids activities that build core strength

There are a lot of kids activities that can build the core strength of your babies and young children. These are tummy time, reaching and turning, assisted sitting and crawling for babies, to kid-style tummy curls, rope-line walking, balancing bean bag weights on head and leg lifts to name a few for toddlers and pre-school kids.

If you want to find out more about fun kids activities that have a strong focus on building core strength for your baby, toddler or early school aged children, contact us at TumbleTastics