Have A Kids’ Birthday Party With A Difference

Are you planning a kids’ birthday party and looking for the ultimate Brisbane venue that offers something out of the ordinary? Then check out what’s on offer at TumbleTastics. We guarantee that every birthday party will be fun, entertaining and memorable.

TumbleTastics’ birthday parties give up to 10 kids exclusive use of our awesome interactive facilities for 1.5 hours. We also provide a dedicated party coordinator to ensure birthday fun and safety. And we’ll always surprise the birthday child with a special free gift too.

The party kids can choose from a huge range of activities including gymnastics, songs, dance and even puppet shows. So it doesn’t matter whether it’s a birthday party for your 3-year-old son or 8-year-old daughter, you can tailor your child’s party to suit their unique interests and abilities.

Best of all, kids’ birthday parties at TumbleTastics are super-easy for the parents! You can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your child and their friends have an incredible time in a safe space. And, as an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about what the weather will do!

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about kid’s birthday parties at TumbleTastics.

What ages do TumbleTastics birthdays cater for?

Our birthday parties are designed for kids up to the age of 8.

How many kids can come to a birthday party?

We can cater for up to 10 children at a birthday party, as well as parents.

Will I need to supervise all the kids?

TumbleTastics provide a coordinator for each kids’ birthday party. Their role is to initiate and supervise all activities to ensure every child is having fun and playing safely with others. This takes a lot of pressure off you, and gives you the freedom to join in or sit back and enjoy the party with the other parents. For children under 3.5 years of age, they will require a parent to actively participate in activities.

What does a TumbleTastics birthday party look like?

Good question! To see for yourself, watch this video of a TumbleTastics kids’ birthday party in action.

Or, have a look at some of the images on our birthday parties page.

What happens at a TumbleTastics birthday party?

Kids Birthday Parties Brisbane with TumbleTasticsAs you can imagine (and see in the video link above), what happens at a TumbleTastics birthday party is a whole lot of fun!

There’s bouncing, swinging, jumping, running, and an array of interactive games to keep the kids entertained and smiling.

Specific activities include:

  • gymnastics
  • dancing
  • singing songs
  • relays
  • puppets.

These games are led by one of our trained instructors and party coordinators to ensure the safety of the children.

Do TumbleTastics birthday parties include party bags?

We don’t provide party bags, but each child who attends the party will receive a free voucher.

Is there any preparation involved in a TumbleTastics party?

Parties typically involve lots of preparation, but at TumbleTastics all you have to do is invite the guests and tell them the time and place.

Who cleans up after the birthday party?

We do, of course! When you have a party at home you can spend hours cleaning up afterwards. But not when you have a party at TumbleTastics. All you and the kids have to do is come along and enjoy yourselves.

We take care of all the cleaning up after the party, so you can simply pack up and return to a clean house. This is a hassle-free birthday party.

How much does a TumbleTastics birthday party cost?

A kids’ birthday party at TumbleTastics, with all the trimmings for up to 10 children, costs just $330. This includes a TumbleTastics coordinator for 1.5 hours. We do offer options to extend up to 30 minutes or for up to 15 children.

When you think about the money you’d normally spend having a standard birthday party at home—such as decorations, balloons, toys, games, and activities—this is a great deal. It’s also a really cheap way to have a kids’ birthday party with a difference.

How do I book a kids’ birthday party?

Simply contact us to book in a kids’ birthday party. We have TumbleTastics centres located at 2 Brisbane locations: Morningside and Everton Hills.

We hope to see you soon for a celebration!