Want creative music and movement activities for toddlers in Brisbane?If you want creative music and movement activities for toddlers in Brisbane, then you’re looking for us—TumbleTastics!

We’re not your average kids’ exercise centre. We have purpose-built facilities for kids—a creative, movement-based wonderland.

Our specially developed classes combine popular games, activities and exercises. We create a unique experience for kids from birth to 7 years of age.

Our fun and creative classes include activities based around:

  • music
  • gymnastics (non-competitive)
  • games
  • dances
  • sports
  • relays.

What classes do TumbleTastics offer?

We’ve created a range of classes for kids based on their age and abilities.

TinyTumblers BabyGym Classes

Our TinyTumblers BabyGym Classes are suitable for non-mobile babies from 6 weeks of age until they can crawl.

These classes focus on developing early sensory, physical and social awareness. We use fun games to engage your baby’s senses, including:

  • cognitive
  • auditory
  • tactile
  • visual
  • balance
  • social
  • emotional.

Find out more about TumbleTastics TinyTumblers BabyGym Classes.

Echidnas Classes – Crawling

Once your baby is crawling, they’re ready for our Echidnas Classes.

These classes focus on developing your child’s sensory skills and physical development with fun games and music.

They also help build confidence, and are a great way to help your baby learn to walk.

Find out more about our TumbleTastics Echidnas Classes.

Wombats Classes – Walking

Now your baby is up and…well, walking. Once they’re toddling about, they’re ready for our Wombats Classes.

These classes build on your child’s sensory and physical development and encourage greater:

  • movement
  • coordination
  • listening skills
  • social interaction.

Learn more about our TumbleTastics Wombats Classes.

Emus Classes – 2–3 years

Your toddler is growing up fast and probably running rings around you by now. That means they’re ready for our Emu Classes (for 2–3 years olds).

These classes provide more structured learning activities and fun to help develop greater:

  • movement patters
  • gross motor skills
  • fine motor skills
  • body strength
  • self-confidence
  • social interaction.

Discover more about our TumbleTastics Emus Classes.

Joeys Classes – 3–4.5 years

Once your child is three years old, it’s likely they love all the play equipment at the local park. In that case, they’re definitely ready for our Joeys Classes.

These classes really take movement and games to the next level, providing even more structure and challenging activities. These include:

  • kindergym
  • gymnastics (non-competitive).

Find out more about our TumbleTastics Joeys Classes.

Roos Classes – Up to 7 years

Your child is now a full-fledged kid and ready to go off to school. That means they’re well and truly ready for our final level of learning, Roos Classes.

These classes allow your child to develop their physical strength, fitness, cognitive skills, and social interaction using gymnastics activities. And it’s all done with our usual dose of fun and games. All skill and fitness levels are encouraged.

Find out more about our TumbleTastics Roos Classes.

Contact us

If you have any questions about any of the classes or activities offered at TumbleTastics in Brisbane, contact us. We’d be more than happy to talk to you about your child and how we can help their learning and development in a fun and safe environment.