The start of year is generally a time of much change for children. But changing your kids’ gymnastics classes is one routine not to change. Your children could be starting school, going to kindy, or new children join their child care centre, or maybe it’s just mum and dad going back to work after some holidays. While this change seems normal for most of us adults, it can be really unsettling for young children who like the familiar, who like predictable routines. Here are four reasons to keep your Tumbletastics kids’ gymnastics classes and routine going, when everything else seems to be changing for your children.

The importance of Keeping your routine at TumbleTastics

1. For keeping established relationships

Whether your little Tumbler knows and talks to all the children in their kids’ gymnastics class, or is a little quiet and reserved, by participating in Tumbletastics they have established relationships with the other children, the other parents and the instructor. These established relationships are important for your child, when a move to school or changes to child care or kindy are going to bring about a whole lot of new people to meet and build rapport with. So maintaining your little one’s Tumbletastics class routine gives them stability and confidence.

2. For a familiar physical environment

Your little one’s kids’ gymnastics class is a familiar place. But starting school means a very new physical environment to most children. So does starting kindy or beginning at a new childcare centre. Even if your child is going to the same kindy or childcare, it will look much different at the start of year with all walls cleared of pictures, paintings, signs and craft, ready to start a fresh. By keeping your Tumbletastics routine, your child can find comfort in a familiar environment, with familiar play equipment and materials and of course familiar faces, amongst all the changes happening in the rest of their world.

3. For known rules, procedures and fun at kids’ gymnastics

Keeping up your little one’s Tumbletastics kids’ gymnastics classes means carrying on some known rules, procedures and fun! Whereas new schools, new kindies, new childcare centres and even new carers can mean big changes to the rules and procedures your children have come to know, and how they find their fun. They might face more structured times of eating and going to the toilet, going to class and play, as well as lining up and when to speak. By maintaining your child’s class and routine at Tumbletastics your little one will be reassured that everything is changing all at the one time.

4. For a physical advantage in early school skills

Kids’ gymnastics gives children a clear physical advantage. Many of the start of year changes for young children, also mean changes to their learning routines and the skills they need to adapt and do well in their new environment. By keeping your child in their Tumbletastics class you are continuing their familiar activities of recreational gymnastics which keeps developing their physical strength, coordination, cognitive skills and social interaction. All of these elements are extremely important for your child’s early and easy integration into new school and kindergarten environments.

So when things are changing in the life of your little one, don’t make changes to their kids’ gymnastics at Tumbletastics as well – your children will really benefit from maintaining the fun activities they share with their class each week.