Wonderful Winter Fun At Kids Gymnastics

Now that we have a cool freshness in the air, it’s time to find some wonderful winter fun at kids gymnastics. With shorter days there’s less sunlight for us to be outside playing, connecting and supporting the development of our children. So it’s the perfect time to get in to kindergym. Here are some of the reasons to join kids gymnastics this winter.

1. Baby it’s cold outside

While it’s cold outside, it’s not always comfortable for babies, toddlers and pre-school children to be out for too long. Kids gymnastics provides a great option for staying indoors where there’s no need to worry about chilling winds, showers of rain or darkness coming too soon.

2. Staying active and connected

Kids gymnastics gives your little one, and you, a great opportunity to stay active and connect in the colder months. While we may want to curl up and hibernate like a big, brown bear, the warm and welcoming atmosphere of kindergym will have you and your little human humming through the day.

3. Structured play for development

It looks like play, it sounds like play, but kids gymnastics is more than just play. The structured and coordinated program builds in maximum relaxed fun, while foundations are laid and built upon for your child’s longer term physical, emotional and academic development.

4. Stimulating senses

While your baby or pre-schooler is growing at a fast pace, winter kids gymnastics helps to stimulate their senses in such a positive way. Age appropriate classes offer a wonderful combination of music and activities with themes that change every week – perfect for maintaining the interest and attention of both you and your little one.

There are so many great reasons to join kids gymnastics this winter. Call and book a trial class today or perhaps book in for an additional class or two.